Chicago Gametrepreneur Show, Episode 28

What goes into a great YouTube outro? How is game QA like battle nursing? How many cups of coffee do veteran game devs drink a day? Why is @BobbyLox making fart sounds? Find out on this episode – Chris Weiss joins Rob and Kee-Won to discuss Chris’ industry career and many game projects. We walk through Chris’ work in the industry, from his first project as an intern, working in Facebook games and his latest work at Phosphor Studios. We cover Chris own studio, Affinity Archives, and his YouTube channels, Game Devs Play Games and Game Design Guide. Also – why Kee-Won has such a hard time following the honor system in Korea. All this and more in Episode 28!

Chicago Gametrepreneur Show, Episode 27

Ian Beckman of BigSirGames joins Rob and Kee-Won to talk about their Kickstarter for upcoming indie title ‘Cosmo’s Quickstop’. We learn about the ins and outs of running an interstellar service station, from helping customers to cleaning the glorp room in this hilarious ‘anxiety simulator’. Ian shares the prototype process that led them to their current idea, how he became a programmer, and how they created a unique, visually appealing look for Cosmos Quickstop. We learn their strategy for reaching out to streamers to demo their game and some of the fun rewards on their Kickstarter, and learn what fuels the Big Sir Games team (coffee, Red Bull, and Red Bull & Vodkas). A fun and tangent filled episode! Please check out the Kickstarter for Cosmo’s Quickstop here:

Chicago Gametrepreneur Show, Episode 26

On this episode, Rob and Kee-Won host Ross & Kelly of D20 Studios (@D20Studio) to talk about the Kickstarter for their upcoming indie title ‘Summoners Fate’. We dive into the inspiration and unique mechanics of the game, ‘The 15 minute tabletop experience’. Ross shares some secrets behind their Kickstarter, lessons learned from previous games and new indie marketing strategies. We bring in Kelly to talk about running the marketing and PR for D20 and then run everyone through the speed round and learn about what’s been inspiring everyone on the “what we’re”. Bonus – we even learn how to pronounce Przybylski! Great episode, please check out Summoners Fate on Kickstarter!

Chicago Gametrepreneur Show, Episode 25

On this episode, Rob and Kee-Won host Dave Welch (@BootHillHeroes) to talk about his upcoming indie title ‘Boot Hill Bounties’. We get into the details of what makes this Wild West themed JRPG really stand out, including real time party combat, 4 player local co-op, and unique game mechanics (like the procedurally generated newspaper that also works as a quest board). Dave also shares tips on running his one man indie studio ‘Experimental Gamer’ and some of the marketing strategies he is using as Boot Hill Bounties gets close to release. Boot Hill Bounties is scheduled for release Dec 1 and you can follow the ‘Corral Countdown’ on

Chicago Gametrepreneur Show, Episode 23

A long lost episode from the archives – we sit down for a great conversation with @benedictfritz about @TumbleSeedGame – How the game was inspired by a certain ancient arcade game, making a game vs. making a game engine, if software used by millions of people can ever be good, Benedicts secret pizza preferences, and which game developer he would switch places with for a day.

Chicago Gametrepreneur Show, Episode 24

On this episode, Rob and Kee-Won host Kevin Fair (@Kfair_IPG). We talk about his gaming entertainment and rental company IPlayGames, understanding game culture, getting his start as a games organizer, crazy stories about running events (including throwing an event with the Seattle Seahawks),advice for how Indie developers can connect with their audiences, and how Kevin became a master play by play announcer.

Chicago Gametrepreneur Show, Episode 22

On this episode, Rob and Kee-Won host Matt Sears (@msears), co-founder of Hyacinth Games to talk about their new Kickstarter that brings pewter and resin miniature vehicles to the post apocalyptic universe of Wreck Age (@WreckAgeRPG). The crew gets deep into the details about running a Kickstarter, including campaign planning, stretch goals, delivery and timing.

Chicago Gametrepreneur Show, Episode 16


On this episode, Rob and Kee-Won host voice artist Mikhaela Padilla for a discussion regarding all this  game creation and the wonders of voice work. The episode is a fun one, but it gets load. Enjoy!

You can find Mikhaela Padilla on Twitter @mikylessthan3.